• The Birdseye View
    Welcome to the Thompson Falls High School newspaper site.
    Sports inserts are one page (front and back) informational sheets inserted
    into volleyball, football, or basketball programs.  As far as I know, we are the
    only school that issues a paper in the school programs.
    The paper is formatted decently for our paper version, but doesn't show up as well for our website.
    Some items such as text boxes and pictures don't transfer well. 
    Here are the number of Journalism students per class for the past two years:
    1st semester 08-09 8/25/08 to 1/16/09 4 students
    2nd semester 08-09 1/19/09 to 5/29/09 16 students
    1st semester 09-10 8/26/09 to 1/21/10 14 students
    2nd semester 09-10 1/25/10 to 5/28/10 8 students
    Enjoy your reading.
    Have a good day and thanks for viewing our school website.
    Mr. Gideon 
    PS  send money, thanks
    PPS that last part was just to see if anyone reads this
Last Modified on October 24, 2007