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    1st Quarter AR requirements for seventh and eighth grade students:
    1.  Read one really good book!                                                                                                                        2.  Read one really good book that has not been made into a movie!
    3.  Read one really good book you have not previously tested on, and take a test! 
    4.  After testing, find another really good book, and keep reading!
    1st Quarter AR Test is due October 25th.
    2nd Quarter AR Test is due January 10th.
    3rd Quarter AR Test is due March 13th.
    4th Quarter AR Test is due May 21st.  
     Helpful hint:  If you are questioning whether or not your student learner has homework (unfinished class work) take a peek in their assignment notebook.  If they are doing their job well, they will have brought it home.  It will provide you with a snapshot of their day and what they may have left to accomplish (ie. unfinished class work brought home)!!!
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