• September 5th class assignment

    Posted by Michele McGuigan on 8/30/2017

    1. First go to the following website and complete the political quiz.


    2. Write down your results based on the Party tab.  Write down the top three parties you side with and the percentage, where you are on the ideology chart and finally do you agree with your results.

    3. Next you need to find a current event that involves some aspect of our government.  (any political figure, laws, court rulings, etc)

    4.  You will need to turn in at least a two-three paragraph summary of the article in your own words.  (who, what, where, when)  

    5. You need to write the article's title and source.  (ex. CNN, Google News, etc)

    6.  The article must come from a reputable news source and not an opinion (blog) page.

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