•                                Thompson Falls 5th - 12th Grade




     Through art our students can achieve an actualization of their influence on society and beyond that an empathy so great ignorance and judgments give way to understanding.



    Thompson Falls 5th - 12th grade Art Education program is dedicated to helping students with self-expression as well as providing the tools required for students to achieve self-actualization. Once this occurs students are empowered with confidence, perseverance and the skills necessary for divergent thinking. Though these skills are essential in art, students can utilize them throughout life to benefit themselves, their community and society in general.

     Art education can be an ever-present tool for students to understand their environment and the relationship they have with that environment. Through art education students learn to dissect and understand the multitude of images our culture uses to reinforce its standards and values. Art education helps students understand this visual symbol system.

                Art education is the key for our students to reach self-actualization through expression, gain knowledge of social and cultural influences throughout time as well as providing essential skills to be utilized throughout life. In time these tools together with divergent thinking can unlock any door that stands in a student’s way.

    Remember, “A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking”. Anonymous 










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