I am really excited to be teaching math this year! I know that we are going to be learning and growing as math students TOGETHER. I understand that some have a "fear" of math... we will get through it together! My expectations for you are to come to class willing to work hard and give 100% effort!


    I am really looking forward to continuing the use of Khan Academy, IXL, and a variety of iPad apps to supplement the current math curriculum. I believe learning, owning, and mastering a math concept is much more important than just getting the right answer. So, with that being said, be prepared for me to challenge you to continue trying even if you DON’T GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! It’s ok to be wrong; the only problem is when you give up!


    You may have some homework (unfinished classroom work) in math. I understand you have a life outside of school, (Believe it or not, I do too!) but it is important to stay up on your studies. It will help you out so much since much of what we learn is revisited over and over throughout the year. Remember that I am always available to help you after school if you are struggling with your assignments. I would love to help, all you need to do is ask and make the commitment to come in for help!


    Again, I am looking forward to an amazing year in math. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together. I know with hard work, positive attitudes, and dedication we WILL achieve great success in math! LET’S GET GOING!!!


    Mrs. Slater

Last Modified on May 8, 2018