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          My name is Mrs. Lisa Mickelson, and this is my ninth year teaching elementary music! I formerly taught English at Hot Springs High School and moved to Thompson in 2014 when I married my wonderful husband, Mr. Mickelson (Athletic Director/PE teacher, basketball coach, hunting extraordinaire and farmer). I am the lucky mother of our three spirited boys named Mason (9 years), Reed (7 years), and Bodie (5 years).  
           This has been another exciting school year, accompanied by our band director, Mrs. Nichols. Below is our schedule for the remainder of the '23/24 school year:


    Monday           Feb 5               Flathead Choral Festival                                  Polson


    Thursday         Mar. 21           JH Band/Choir Spring Concert                        JH Gym            6:30 PM

    Tuesday           Apr. 9              HS Pre-Festival Concert                                    HS Gym           6:30 PM


    Fri/Sat              Apr. 19-20     District Music Festival                                       Missoula          All Day

    Fri/Sat              May 3-4         State Music Festival                                           Helena             All Day


    Tuesday           May 7             5-12 Band Summer Concert                             HS Gym           6:30 PM

    Thursday         May 9             K-4 (+ 5/6 Choir) Summer Concert                  JH Gym            6:30 PM

    Tuesday           May 21           JH/HS Pops Concert                                           Rex                   6:30 PM          


    Wednesday     May 29           Elementary Variety Show                                JH Gym            1:00 PM

         Music is my outlet and my passion. All people are consumers of music, but we love to create!
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