• adult ed  
    Thompson Falls Community Education is seeking to improve the quality of life by providing lifelong learning opportunities for all members of the community. 
    The success of Thompson Falls Community Education program relies on the active involvement of our citizens - not only those who enroll in our classes, but also those who volunteer at schools and events or share their passion and knowledge with others by teaching class. 
    To continue to provide excellent programs and meet your needs we are always looking for new class ideas.  Please contact District Clerk Stacy Milner at 827-3323 or by email at tfclerk@tfalls.org  and let her know what classes you like, new class ideas and/or what class you would like to teach. 
    Continue to check back to see any changes or added classes.  
    Classes are open to individuals 18 years of age and older who have finished high school.  The $20.00 fee per class is waived for individuals 60 years and older.  Some classes may also require the purchase of materials.
    Adult Circuit Training Bridgette Geigling  9/13/2021 - 5/2022 High School