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    School Board Meeting Procedure



    The agenda for any Board meeting shall be prepared by the Superintendent.  Items submitted by Board members to the Superintendent shall be placed on the agenda.  Citizens may also suggest inclusions on the agenda. Such suggestions must be received by the Superintendent or Board Chairman at least seven calendar days before the Board meeting, unless of immediate importance.  Individuals who wish to be placed on the Board agenda must also notify the Superintendent or Board Chairman, in writing, of the request. The request must include the reason for the appearance.  If the reason for the appearance is a complaint against any District employee, the individual filing the complaint must demonstrate the Uniform Grievance Procedure step process has been followed.  Citizens wishing to make brief comments about school programs or procedures or items on the agenda need not request placement on the agenda, and may ask for recognition by the Chairman at the appropriate time.  

    The agenda must also include a “public comment” item in order to allow members of the general public to comment on any public matter under the jurisdiction of the district that is not specifically listed on the agenda, except that no member of the public will be allowed to comment on contested cases, other adjudicative proceedings, or personnel matters.  The Board Chairman may place reasonable time limits on any “public comment” item in order to maintain and ensure effective and efficient operations of the Board.  The District shall not take any action on any matter discussed, unless the matter is specifically noticed on the agenda, and the public has been allowed the opportunity to comment. 

    Upon consent of the majority of the members present, the order of business at any meeting may be changed.  Copies of the agenda for the current Board meeting, minutes of the previous Board meeting, and relevant supplementary information will be prepared and distributed to each Board member at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the Board meeting, and will be available to any interested citizen during working hours at the Superintendent’s office, twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Board meeting.  An agenda for other types of Board meetings will be prepared if the circumstances necessitate an agenda.

    The Clerk shall keep written minutes of all open Board meetings, which shall be signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.  The minutes shall include:

    • The date, time, and place of the meeting;
    • The presiding officer;
    • Board members recorded as absent or present;
    • A summary of discussion on all matters discussed (including those matters discussed during the “public comment” section), proposed, deliberated, or decided, and a record of any votes taken;
    • A detailed statement of all expenditures;
    • Purpose of recessing to executive session; and
    • Time of adjournment.

    When issues are discussed that may require a detailed record, the Board may direct the Clerk to record the discussion verbatim.  Any verbatim record may be destroyed after the minutes have been approved, pursuant to § 20-1-212, MCA.

    Unofficial minutes shall be delivered to Board members in advance of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.  Minutes need not be read publicly, provided that Board members have had an opportunity to review them before adoption.  A file of permanent minutes of Board meetings shall be maintained in the office of the Clerk, to be made available for inspection upon the request.  A written copy shall be made available within five (5) working days following approval by the Board.



    No business shall be transacted at any meeting of the Board unless a quorum of the members is present.  A majority of the full membership of the Board shall constitute a quorum, whether the individuals are present physically or present via a speaker telephone.  A majority of the quorum may pass a resolution, except as provided in § 20-4-203(1), MCA, and § 20-4-401(4), MCA.


    Meeting Conduct and Order of Business

    General rules of parliamentary procedure are used for every Board meeting.  Robert’s Rules of Order may be used as a guide at any meeting.  The order of business shall be reflected on the agenda.  The use of proxy votes shall not be permitted.  Voting rights are reserved to those trustees in attendance.  Voting shall be by acclamation or show of hands.


    Cross Reference:        1441    Audience Participation


    Legal Reference:        § 2-3-103, MCA         Public participation - governor to ensure guidelines adopted

    • 2-3-212, MCA Minutes of meetings – public inspection
    • 20-1-212, MCA Destruction of records by school officer
    • 20-3-322, MCA Meetings and quorum
    • 20-3-323, MCA District policy and record of acts


    Policy History:

    Adopted on:  08/12/04

    Revised on:  01/03/05


Last Modified on July 17, 2019