We believe


    .. students learn in different ways and at varying rates; we respect and support those differences.


    ..with the support of the community we can provide a respectful, safe, and caring school environment.


    ..certain district and societal rules require immediate student consequences.


    ..with appropriate adult guidance, discipline should be considered an opportunity for student personal growth.


    ..keeping in mind a student’s self respect and dignity, a student should be provided an opportunity to learn to solve his/her own problem.


    ..in updating our district curriculum to keep pace with the changing world.


    ..in integrating technology within every academic area at all levels.


    ..in the school improvement process to maximize student learning.


    ..it is important to have ongoing training and inservice for staff so that educational practices will be based upon research, information, and proven procedures.


    ..with parent, community, and school support, students can become contributing members of society.


    ..learning is a life long process and is a key to success.


    ..the school must provide opportunities for students to develop critical thinking by respecting and concentrating on academic, cultural, and life skills as outlined under state standards.


    ..in celebrating success