State Superintendent Denise Juneau believes we need to set an expectation that every Montana student will graduate from high school.  In order for our young people to compete in the 21st Century global economy, a high school diploma is key.  Nearly 2,000 Montana students drop out of school each year.  We can do better.
    What is Graduation Matters Montana?
    Superintendent Juneau launched a statewide effort to ensure Montana's public schools graduate more students prepared for college and careers.
    Local Graduation Matters Initiatives
    Superintendent Juneau supports the implementation of locally-designed Graduation Matters initiatives that engage schools, communities, businesses and families in a focused effort to increase the number of students who graduate prepared for college and careers.
    Student-Centered Policies
    Oftentimes, adults plan and discuss educational policy, but rarely talk to the people who will be most directly affected by those plans and discussions: the students.  To include student ideas and voices in statelivel policies, Superintendent Juneau created the first-ever Superintendent's Student Advisory Board.  Forty students from thirty-one communities gathered to discuss ways to improve the state's graduation rate and to address school climate issues.  They reported that they seek relevant coursework and real-world experiences, clear and consistent rules, a positive school climate and meaningful relationships at their schools. 

    As a result of Student Advisory Board input, Superintendent Juneau launched an "I Pledge to Graduate" campaign to help students set their sights on graduation.  Juneau's 2011-2012 Student Advisory Board will hold their first meeting in November, focusing on college and career-readiness.
    Objectives of Graduation Matters Montana:
    1.  Increase the rate of Montana students graduation from high school college and career-ready. 
    2.  Establish a support network between schools, businesses and community organizations for student success.
    3.  Create school-based and community based opportunities for student success.
    I Pledge to Graduate Campaign 
    Research shows that students are more likely to reach a goal if they identify their own motivations when committing to meet it.  Superintendent Juneau, in partnership with Thompson Falls School district and the Student Advisory Board is launching an "I Pledge to Graduate" campaign.  Students pledge to a significant adult that they will graduate and identifiy specific reasons why graduation is important to them.  This high-profile campaign focuses statewide attention on Graduation Matters Montana, engages community and business partners, involves social networking and highlights student voices and ideas. 
    For more information on Graduation Matters Thompson Falls
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