• Mr. Christensen

                                 Mr. C.
    Hello Everyone!!  
    Whew!  It's great to be back!
    My summer was filled with backpacking trips, a trip to Yellowstone Park with a group of students, a 1500 mile fishing trip, and a week of building a new garden in my back yard.  I was also blessed with the opportunity to coordinate four outdoor education camps for our Thompson Falls students this summer!  I hope your summer was filled with adventure and relaxation as well!!
          Last school year for me was a blast, and I am continually amazed by the support and professionalism of the staff and administration here in Thompson Falls.  I am very excited to continue with Kelso's Choices, Etiquette and Tolerance curriculum, Core Values, Power Up Speak Out, OLWEUS, Love and Logic, Look-Listen-Link, Acknowledge-Care-Tell, Always Changing, and  Red Ribbon Week this year.  We are also integrating a new program for our students, staff, and bus drivers called Peaceful Schoolbus.  My goal with this program is to combat negative behaviors on the school bus!  I again will be teaching one period of 7th grade P.E. this year as well as tending to my counseling duties. Aside from the last period of the day, I am available anytime if you need to reach me!  Please use the online resources such as the referral forms and/or the "send Mr. C a note" tab to get in touch with me.   These forms are confidential and go straight to my email! You may also call anytime with questions or concerns!
     **Check out the Media Library tab for resources that you can borrow!! The media library contains resources for parents and teachers to check out, bring home or to the classroom, and use with students/children!** 
    Please check out our counseling programs on this site, and if you would like your child to receive free counseling services, please fill out the forms (link below) and email or mail them to me, thanks!! 
     Let's have a great year!!!
    Rob Christensen, MSC
    Phone:  827-7083 
    Email:  rchristensen@blackfoot.net
    Click HERE for forms 



Last Modified on September 5, 2017