• S.T.E.P.S  at Thompson Falls Schools

     Comprehensive School-based and
    Community Treatment Program (CSCT)

     Providing hope today for a better tomorrow.
    What is S.T.E.P.S.?

    STEPS is a Strategic Therapeutic and Educational Program for Students.  The STEPS program provides intensive therapeutic services to youth through a school-based program. 

    STEPS is a state-approved program and is provided locally in the Thompson Falls Schools in collaboration with Western Montana Mental Health Center (WMMHC).  WMMHC is proud to provide comprehensive school-based community treatment programming in all three Thompson Falls Schools, ensuring your child is able to receive services from kindergarten to graduation.

    As a comprehensive program to aid children and their families in growth and achievement, we understand there are times when social, emotional, or behavioral challenges may impede success.  Thus, STEPS / CSCT is designed to provide in-school support for children with emotional, social, and /or behavioral disruption which may be keeping them from being successful in their relationships and academics.

    Thus, the goal of STEPS is to develop, maintain, and support your child's capacity to achieve success and aims to provide students with the opportunity to have their therapeutic needs met while promoting positive involvement in family, school, and community.  The ambition of STEPS is to enhance social and emotional development in the school setting with the goal of encouraging overall wellbeing.

    STEPS specifically provides these services with a dedicated team in each school, made up of a clinical counselor and a behavioral specialist.  Each team works with students in the form of individual and group therapy sessions, family therapy, and support, in-class assistance, and advocacy for students in the school setting.  Each team is committed to providing ethical, confidential, and professional services within the school to children and their families, in collaboration with school professionals.

    For more information about the STEPS program, please contact the team at your child's school: 

    Junior High
    High School

     We believe in quality of care and do our best to make that happen for each child and family!


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