•                                        YIPEE !!!
             It's time to go to Look Out Ski Resort.   
          This program is open to 4th - 8th grade students!
             2nd Ski Trip:  Friday,  March 3rd
             Departure Time:  8:30 AM
             Return to Elementary Bus Lane:  Approximately 6:30 PM
    • Complete paperwork and money must be turned into Mrs. Gilbert by Monday,  February 20th
    • All paperwork needs to be filled out thoroughly
    • If this is your 2nd time skiing this season, please use this paperwork
    • The rental agreement must include:
             Your child's accurate weight, height and shoe size
             LookOut wants a parent driver's license number included on the form.
             Money is due by Monday, January 16th.
             Students and Parents must agree to LookOut Mountains Safety Rules
    • Please read this Important Information for more information. 
    • The number of skiers is limited by the number of seats we have on the buses.  
    • There is NO room for parents on the buses.
    Trip Prices
       Student Lesson (season pass holder, has own equipment) $20.00 - updated price for 2023
       Student Lesson + Lift Ticket (has own equipment) $36.00 - updated price for 2023
       Student Lesson + Lift Ticket + ski rental equipment   $38.00
       Student Lesson + Lift Ticket + snowboard rental equipment (Jr High students only)  $36.00
       This season, helmets will be included for students with rentals at no additional charge.
    Guidelines for participation
    1. No "F's" in any subject area
    2. Teachers have the right to detain any student if their assignments are not being completed or if student behavior is a problem.
    3. Please make checks payable to School District #2.  Payments may also be made by electronic check, debit or credit card by clicking this link
    4. Beginners must learn to ski before they can try snowboarding.
    5. Please never ski or board alone.  Snowboarders and any skiers or boarders who want to ski or board on the trails through the trees must wear a helmet.
    6. In order to get the school discounted rate, chaperones please turn in your paperwork and money to Mrs. Gilbert for the Elementary or to Mr. Miller for Junior High by Monday, February 20th.  If, for some reason, you are unable to attend the ski trip it is imperative that you let the school know before we leave for LookOut.  (Before Friday, March 3rd at 8:00AM)