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    Follow adult directions.  Ask permission to leave any setting

    Be prepared


    Walk. Good Line Behavior

    Follow bathroom procedures.

    Stay in approved areas.  Use equipment for intended purpose.


    Active Participation

    Be an active participant. Give full effort.

    Take care of yourself

    Return to class promptly.

    Raise hand for permission to get out of seat. Follow Lunch room procedures.

    Return to class promptly.

    Participate in school approved games only. Line up at first signal.  Learn new games.

    Raise your hand to share.

    Working as a team

    Be a team player.

    Maintain personal space.

    Stay to the right on stairs.

    Place trash in trash can. Put trays, bowls, silver ware in right place.

    Follow bathroom procedures.

    Invite others who want to join in.  Share materials.

    Keep comments and questions on topic


    Treat others with respect.  Be an active listener.

    Be honest.

    Walk quietly so others can continue learning.

    Eat only your food.  Use a peaceful voice.

    Allow for privacy of others.

    Enter and exit building peacefully. 

    Be an active listener.  Enter and exit gym in an orderly manner.


    Help keep school orderly. Report problems. Use polite language

    Take a risk.  Make good choices.

    Banisters are for hands.  Keep graffiti off of walls.

    Use manners.

    Clean up after self. 

    Be a problem solver. Use polite language.

    Applaud appropriately to show appreciation.