Dear Students, Parents, and Community,

    Welcome to Thompson Falls Elementary School!  My name is Len Dorscher, and I am the Elementary Principal.  I am extremely excited to be here working with an administrative and educational staff that has a shared vision to guide all students in finding educational successes.  Our top priority is to provide every student with a safe, welcome, learning environment.  To accomplish this, we continue to  implement “Love and Logic” methods throughout our entire district.  This program helps promote healthy relationships and positive school-wide discipline to go along with our OLWEUS anti-bullying initiatives.

    As  a district, we have adopted the 5 core traits of "Excellence", "Unity", "Compassion", "Respect" and "Integrity".  We will practice these as a staff as well as help instill these character traits among our students.  By keeping these core traits in mind, we will work toward having a successful school year for all.  

    Please note that all staff can easily be reached via e-mail, and all classroom teachers also have voice mail.  It can be very difficult to get in touch with teachers throughout the school day, but we will do our best to get in touch with you at the earliest possible convenience.  In addition, we welcome visitors to our school at any time, but we do ask that all visitors sign in at the office, for the safety of all involved.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Have a great school year!

    Len Dorscher
    Elementary Principal

    (406) 827-3592