•  8/2/2016

    On behalf of Thompson Falls School District I welcome everyone to the start of the 2016-17 school year. I have included a schedule for the first four PIR days, (Aug. 25, 26, & Sept. 1,2). The District has scheduled two days; building level administrators will provide agendas for the remaining two.  We will begin Thursday morning at the High School, refreshments and lunch will be provided. Thursday’s schedule includes the District opening, staff meetings, school safety, staff orientation and instructional planning time. Friday’s professional development will take place at the school level. Thursday, Sept. 1 the District will host Jedd Hafer from the Love and Logic Institute for a day of professional development in the Junior High Gymnasium. In addition to being an education consultant for Love and Logic, Jedd is a stand up comic and director of a home for troubled teens. The focus of the in-service is how Love and Logic techniques can be useful when working with challenging people of all ages.

    Together we continue to overcome challenges and provide a top shelf educational experience. Despite being located in one of the poorest counties in the State, Thompson Falls School District continually defies odds and demonstrates excellence.  One example is last year’s 95% graduation rate! Our success is a tribute to the great people that put forth their best each day to serve and positively influence others. Together we help students build bridges into the future and overcome barriers along the way. The ties that bind us together as a District include a universal mission, core values, defined purpose, and prioritized goals. These items serve as guidepost and are relevant to all actions of the district.

    The 21st Century Learning Framework is built on proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Reading is the number one academic priority of the District. This year we will continue to work with the northwest curriculum COOP to provide ongoing professional development. Thompson Falls School District values all subjects and is supportive of providing electives and extracurricular experiences that extend beyond the classroom. These opportunities include athletic programs that emphasize character first and promote positive life lessons.

    Positive relationships are a foundational component of the school District. We all play an important role in making our schools great. I am looking forward to seeing our campuses come back to life with the energy each person brings to school. We have many returning veterans and several new faces that will be introduced at the opening. Please do your part to welcome all staff members to our school family. The annual District BBQ will be hosted at the Wheeler’s residence on Aug. 31 beginning at 5:00 pm. Their home is located on 1768 Blue Slide Road. The District will provide the food, families are welcome, consider bringing a chair.

    As your superintendent I am honored to be part of this organization and committed to serving our community and providing students in Thompson Falls a great educational opportunity. Thank you for your continued dedication to Thompson Falls School District.     


    Jason J. Slater