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    Media Title
    # Copies
    DVD No Thanks, I Just Had a Banana 2
    DVD Thank God It's Monday 1
    CD Teaching Children Responsibility - 3 disc set 1
    CD Love Me Enough to Set Some Limits 1
    CD Four Steps to Responsibility 1
    CD The Bravest Kids in Town 1
    CD Nora and the Trolls 1
    CD Magic in the Mountains 1
    CD Trouble-Free Teens 1
    CD Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions- 2 disc set 4
    CD Developing Character in Teens 3
    CD Putting Parents at Ease- 3 disc set 1
    CD Hope for Underachieving Kids - 2 disc set 1
    CD Teaching with Love and Logic- 4 disc set 1
    CD Oh Great, What Do I Do Now?  2 disc set 1
    CD Hormones and Wheels - 3 disc set 3
    CD Angry and Oppositional Students -3 disc set 1
    CD Parenting Teens With Love and Logic- 4 disc set 1
    CD Funny Stories From the Classroom 5
    CD Funny Parenting Stories 20
    Book Love and Logicisms 2
    Book Tickets to Success 1
    Book Helicopters, Drill Sergeants, and Consultants 1
    Book Creating Classrooms Where Teachers Love to Teach 1
    Book Humor, Play, and Laughter 1
    Book Getting Special Needs Kids Ready for the Real World 1
    Book A Salamander is Not a Fish! 1
    Book The Paradigm of the Dead Horse Riders 1
    Book When Kids Leave You Speechless 1
    Book Kids with Special Needs 1
    Book Teaching with Love and Logic 4
    Book Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood 1
    Book The Pearls of Love and Logic for Parents and Teachers 1
    Book The Love and Logic Journal 1
    Book Parenting Teens With Love and Logic 2
    Book Who Says You're So Great? 1
Last Modified on September 10, 2023